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Sharing Our Gratitude During National Nurses Week!


At Trilogy Health Services, we have THE BEST employees. Everyone truly cares about the residents, families and communities we serve - especially our nurses. We love our wonderful nurses and couldn't wait to show our appreciation for everything they do, and now, you can too! If you have a loved one at one of our campuses, there’s probably a nurse who is near and dear to your heart. We’re happy to tell you that you can recognize and thank these exceptional people through our Grateful Families program.With this program, you can deliver a special message to a nurse of your choice, and even make a donation! Donations will be used to benefit employees through programs such as:

Emergency Assistance: Created to benefit employees in times of crisis.

Education Assistance: Has already given more than $4.2 million to help employees’ educational endeavors.

Special projects, outlined by our campus administration, to continue to enhance the resident experience.

See how some of our amazing nurses have already benefited!

"I went to school first to become an LPN then an RN. I chose nursing because I enjoy helping others. I would like to eventually earn my BSN and possibly my Masters. This scholarship from The Trilogy Foundation will help me to pay off my current student loans so I can continue my education. Hard work and sacrifice pays off! I can’t imagine where I would be without my college degree. It has allowed me to provide for my family and set an example for them as well.” – Tamar Lomeli, Director of Health Services at The Meadows of Ottawa

Click here to hear about our Alexa Ulrey, Director of Health Services at Covered Bridge Health Campus.

Even if you don’t have a loved one in our campus but are interested in helping nurses like Michelle, Tamar and Alexa who help seniors in our communities every day, you too can donate through the Grateful Families program! For more information, please visit And be sure to check out more of our amazing staff photos and stories on Instagram!