Following the Lead of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

At Trilogy Health Services, the health and well-being of our residents and employees is always our first priority. Therefore, we are taking extra precautions over the coming weeks and months to ensure that our campuses remain guarded against the spread of viral infections. We are following guidance from the CDC, CMS, and state officials and have adopted a policy to restrict visitors to our campuses. Per this guidance, we are able to make exceptions for end of life care. We understand that this is a big ask for our residents and families. As a healthcare provider, it is our obligation to do everything we can to protect those we serve.

Additionally, we are providing our employees, residents, visitors and vendors with ongoing education regarding proper hygiene practices. This includes heightened awareness about the importance of hand-washing, coughing and sneezing etiquette, and the frequent sanitizing of all surfaces.

We understand that we care for our country’s most vulnerable population, and we are committed to ensuring their health and happiness. Every member of our campus team is dedicated to this mission, and we will always operate with our residents’ best interests at heart.

For questions, please contact our Compliance Hotline at 1-800-908-8618. For press inquiries, please contact

Coronavirus Status By Campus

Data reflects all campus in-house residents and employees with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. All data is pending validation by the appropriate state and local health departments. Presumed positive diagnoses indicate individuals who are symptomatic and awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test. Employees with presumed or confirmed cases will be permitted to return to work in accordance with CDC return to work guidelines. For optimal viewing, please view this report on a desktop.

Watch the Latest Update From President & CEO Leigh Ann Barney - Published June 1, 2020

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What We Are Doing For Our Residents

  • Multiple daily observations for symptoms
  • Communicating updates with residents and families
  • Established protocols for emergency visits from immediate family and primary caregivers
  • Fully disinfecting our campuses 2x per day with the proper solutions
  • Canceling community events. We will continue to monitor and update our schedules accordingly.
  • Encouraging the use of alternative forms of communication, including FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom
  • Delivering meals directly to residents in their rooms where appropriate
  • Providing life enrichment activities in resident rooms
  • Streaming faith based services directly to resident TVs

What We Are Doing For Our Employees

  • Enacting Emergency Operations Procedures in the event of a possible emergency.
  • Re-educating employees on infection prevention measures, appropriate hygiene practices as recommended by the CDC
  • Established response protocols
  • Screening employees
  • Fully disinfecting our campuses 2x per day with the proper solutions and providing our teams with the appropriate personal protective equipment, should it be needed
  • As state travel bans are lifted, employees are educated regarding safe travel practices as outlined by the CDC
  • Granting emergency assistance through the Trilogy Foundation
  • Providing health and well-being resources, such as a free chaplain services, TrilogyFIT workouts streamed via Facebook, and free counseling sessions

What We Are Doing For Our Residents' Families

  • Communicating daily updates with families of residents via email and text messaging
  • Campus leaders are also communicating with families of residents via our Family Call Program
  • Regular company-wide updates from our President and CEO are shared via email and social media
  • Established protocols for emergency visits from immediate family and primary caregivers
  • Encouraging the use of alternative forms of communication, including FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom
  • Compliance Hotline fielding additional questions

What We Are Doing For Our Community

  • Providing daily campus COVID-19 statistics at 
  • Restricting visits to immediate family members and primary caregivers whose loved ones are receiving end of life care
  • Notices posted at each campus entrance
  • Canceling community events. We will continue to monitor and update our schedules accordingly.
  • Streaming a weekly prayer service via campus Facebook pages on Sundays

A Message to Our Heroes

Who are the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic? Who can we look to for hope, inspiration, and strength? Who has the trust of our families, the love of our residents, and the admiration of our entire Trilogy family? The answer is easy.

Every day, our healthcare heroes are making sacrifices to serve and save the vulnerable among us. As you may know, 15,000 of these heroes are Trilogy employees. Please considering filming a video expressing your appreciation to our amazing Trilogy team members here.


The Trilogy Foundation is proud to present Inspired Sundays – a weekly service dedicated to joining us in faith, even as we are apart.

We invite you to support our Grateful Families campaign - 100% of the donations will go directly to support our Trilogy team members with emergency assistance needs during COVID-19.

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