Trilogy Dining Services at Trilogy Health Services in Louisville, Kentucky
A savory meal at Trilogy Health Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Our Dining Philosophy

…is simple: the best meals are prepared in the heart, before they’re put on the plate. We learned this philosophy not from a four-star chef (although our campuses are home to many) but from our residents, who are some of the wisest people we know. 

Every day, three times a day, our chefs serve dishes that include fresh ingredients, mouth-watering flavors, and nutritional profiles that support our residents’ wellbeing. Because we’ve also learned something else from the people we serve: Everyone who pulls up a chair to your table should be treated like family. And family deserves nothing but the best.

The Best Ingredients for the Best Experience

Mindfully sourced, quality ingredients are the basis of every meal we prepare. That’s why our chefs partner with local suppliers and grow their own gardens. By using elements like green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats, we create meals that have been shown to reduce cognitive decline. And because a good diet is a balanced diet, we also prepare comfort foods that are worth every calorie.

More than Restaurant-Style Dining. So Much More.

For us, it’s not enough to provide restaurant-style dining. Beautiful dining rooms, sparkling china and white linens are only a small piece of what we provide those we have the privilege to serve. We also offer rotating menus based on resident preferences, a variety of selections (including low-sodium and heart healthy options), snacks around-the-clock, cooking classes, themed Happy Hours, and even our very own food truck. There’s a lot to choose from, but no matter how you dine with us, one thing will remain constant: our commitment to filling both your stomach and your heart. 

Signature Dining Programs

Taste of the Town brings the flavors and flair of local restaurants into our campus dining room. Oftentimes the chefs themselves will stop by to help us serve!

Chef’s Circle gives our residents the opportunity to communicate their feedback and suggestions directly to our chefs. Our menus are then adjusted accordingly.

Themed Dinners are a part of our quarterly Theme Weeks, when our campus staff pulls out all the stops to create an immersive experience based on a theme. Decorations, costumes, and entertainment are all provided, along with a very special menu.

Sunday Brunch is the best excuse to go back for seconds. Held monthly, family members are invited to attend and fill up on mouth-watering breakfast staples with wonderful company.

Creative Cooking opportunities include chef presentations, cooking classes, and more, each catered to our residents’s interests and abilities.

Trilogy Culinary Cruiser is our Trilogy food truck. It travels to select destinations throughout the year, so our residents can enjoy delicious chef-prepared meals, even if they’re on the go.

Culinary Olympics are held once per year, and pit our talented chefs against one another in a friendly competition. The show-stopping dishes they serve also appear on our campus menus!

Chef Training Programs such as our Dining Apprenticeship Program and Culinary Academy gives our chefs the skills they need to grow their careers and wow our residents.

Looking to the Future

While some of the best recipes may come from the past, at Trilogy, we also look to the future to inform our dining services. We stock our kitchens with the most modern equipment. We employ Registered Dietitians who make recommendations based on hard data. We practice sustainability, and we use organic ingredients whenever possible. In this way, we can provide the generation we serve with an unmatched experience, while doing what’s best for the generations to come. 

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