Independent Living

When it comes to what you want, you’re not one to beat around the bush. And now that you’re retired, you know you want less to do with bushes, in general. So leave the lawn work to someone else. Let them worry about slick sidewalks and never-ending piles of leaves. You have grandkids coming to visit, an exercise class to attend, and a dinner date that doesn’t involve doing dishes. In our Independent Living villas and apartments, we understand that tedious tasks are no longer your top priority, and that it’s not too much to ask that someone else take care of them.

Make Life Easier

Choosing an Independent Living apartment or villa means having access to an entire team of friendly, helpful people. People to help you move in and get settled. People to take care of your home maintenance. People to serve you dinner, to help you get to appointments, and to plan activities and outings that are right up your alley. Our Independent Living services encompass all aspects of life, so you can stay as active as you wish. Make new friends. Get involved in your community. Take up a new hobby, or all of the above. Choosing an Independent Living lifestyle really boils down to one thing – living.

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