Memory care at Trilogy Health Services in Louisville, Kentucky
A caretaker and resident looking through a photo album at Trilogy Health Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Memory Care

Memory loss is complicated, both for the person directly affected, and for the people who love them. If you find yourself caring for a loved one with memory loss, your days are probably full of questions like, “What do I do if they become confused?” “What happens if they wander?” “Who will look after them if I’m not around?” or “Who do I turn to for answers?” The list goes on, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, confused, and scared. We understand how you’re feeling, and we believe that no one should be asked to take this journey alone.

Our Memory Care neighborhoods are designed to meet the unique needs of those with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Our Daily Rhythms programming is supported by national Alzheimer’s advocacy groups, and provides those with memory loss a schedule that promotes comfort and fulfillment.

Care with Compassion

Our caregivers receive training to equip them with compassionate techniques to serve and support our residents, and we even dine together in order to create an atmosphere that feels like home. We also understand that every person we serve has a unique story, and that every story matters. We strive to connect those with memory loss to long-term memories that still bring them joy, whether it’s connecting a gardener with greenery, a fisherman with a rod and reel, or a baker with their favorite recipe. We empower our residents to not only revisit these happy memories, but to experience them, here and now.

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