Senior Memory Care in Columbus

Living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be difficult, not only for the person experiencing it, but for the loved ones that surround them as well. At Silver Oaks Health Campus, we have a specialized team dedicated to turning those challenges into positive moments for everyone. Residents of our Memory Care neighborhood receive the highest quality care from a team who is invested and committed to opening the door to smiles, laughter, and warmth every day.

Silver Oaks Health Campus


2011 Chapa Dr Columbus, IN 47203

Silver Oaks Health Campus: A Licensed Provider of the Best Friends™ Approach to Dementia Care.

In our Memory Care community, we believe that our residents deserve caregivers who not only provide clinical care, but the emotional connection and support of a Best Friend. The BFF Program, inspired by the Best Friends™ Approach, is how we put that belief into action.

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Expert Care

Caregivers in our Memory Care neighborhood understand that those with memory loss need unique care and support. They know that it's important to learn their past, to respect their individuality, and to be patient if they become frustrated or confused. They also know that clinical care and compassion should always go hand-in-hand. At Silver Oaks Health Campus, we pair these exceptional people with programs such as our Daily Rhythms program, which is embraced by national Alzheimer's advocacy groups. By doing so, we create a place where seniors and their loved ones can find both joy and peace of mind.

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Stay Connected

Family Forum offers support groups for you to ask for advice, share experiences, and find strength from others whose loved ones are also living with memory loss.

Caregiver’s Day Off gives you the chance to enjoy pampering services, a complimentary lunch, and an informative speaker at our campus quarterly.

LifeShare helps you and your loved one stay connected, no matter where you are. Included on every television, this program allows you to share photos, messages, posts, and more.

Making New Memories and Engaging the Old

For those on a memory loss journey, the importance of simple, joyful moments cannot be overstated. Like hearing a song that they danced to with their sweetheart, baking an old family recipe, or even taking a spin in a '57 Chevy that looks just like the one that was parked in their driveway for all those years. These moments have the power to turn confusion into joy, and fear into love. That's why, at Silver Oaks Health Campus, we're so passionate about creating these moments for the seniors we serve, every day.

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