Greenleaf Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Greenleaf Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Greenleaf Health Campus Reviews

Larena Cox via GOOGLE

Made the switch to this facility this spring and so glad I did. The activities department knocks it out of the park every day providing a top notch program to entertain and engage all residents at all levels. Therapists are phenomenal and go above and beyond to restore function for rehab patients and manage chronic conditions. I love my management team. So happy to be at a place that places residents first!!

Sarah Reimer via GOOGLE

Beautiful campus with amazing staff! In a challenging era for long term care nursing this team pulls together and does whatever it takes to care for their residents. I have never seen a company do so much to ensure quality of life for their residents. From happy hour on Fridays to Theme dinners i love this place! Culinary goes above and beyond with the food and the Life enrichment team knocks it out of the park everytime.

By Kelly Kaase via CARING

The memory care unit offers excellent care for my mother in law. I appreciate the engaging things the life enrichment team offers. The rooms are beautiful. The food is always hot and good. My mother in law is at ease and enjoys interacting with her neighbors there.

John Conner via GOOGLE

My Mom was at Greenleaf Health Campus for over two years in the skilled nursing area. She was well cared for and was happy. The staff was very welcoming and friendly & the place was kept clean. We were allowed to visit her at anytime day or night. We celebrated her 100th birthday there and then she lived for almost another year after that. She stayed there until she passed away at just one week shy of 101 years old. Great place to have your loved one.

By Kimberly via CARING

My father is at Greenleaf Health Campus. Overall, it is excellent. I had some complaints the first day that we got there. They welcomed us, but they kind of left us in the room. My dad is almost in a comatose state and nobody came back in until my brother and I started demanding that he needed help. Two days later, he had a seizure, and the therapist looked like she had no clue what my dad was going through at that moment. Things started to fall into place after that, and they had to move his room because they didn’t keep a close eye on him. He needed pretty much 24/7 supervision. Since then the therapists have been phenomenal. Even the first two days they were super polite. I just felt like they didn’t have full knowledge of what exactly my dad was there for. He has a very nice and clean room, and they’re very good at changing his sheets. They have fun activities that we were able to participate in. They have happy hour, Jeopardy, and bingo.

Debi Datema via GOOGLE

Wonderful campus! Staff is top notch from management to room service. Every staff member is friendly, cares for all their residents and knows how to celebrate success! Rehab services; PT, OT and ST are 1st class. (Husband had a stroke and used all of them) PT & OT worked him from non functional to walking hallways within a month. Speech therapy is on-going out patient sessions seeing obvious progress. The activity team is so creative and make it so inviting to all they offer. This is the best rehab and home for your loved one. Loved our experience!

kellie Milleman via GOOGLE

I absolutely love working for Greenleaf health campus. Friendly an family like environment!!

By Denise via CARING

My aunt was in Greenleaf Health Campus. It was a good location for her, and they were good in working with her. She was recovering from a stroke, and she is feeling much better. The rooms were very nice and very personal. You can bring your own things to personalize it, so it was really good. I saw the dining room. They had lots of activities, and they had treats they took them on and eating out. They were kind. I just didn’t see a lot of therapy compared to the hospital, but they made her comfortable and worked with her a little bit. She needed a lot of speech therapy.

Donna Holliday via GOOGLE

I’ve worked at Greenleaf 17 years it’s a wonderful place to work and I feel very blessed to be part of the Greenleaf family

By Tulipgirl89 via CARING

We had several options to choose from when looking at apartments for dad. They had a studio & a spacious 1 bedroom. We chose the 1 bedroom as it provides a kitchenette for dad when making snacks during the day. Their activity team is amazing and always offered to take dad to the activities during the day. Dad was not a very social-able person prior to coming to Greenleaf and now that is all he wants to do is participate in their events. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to caring for our dad.

Amy Hernandez via GOOGLE

Brenda Gallay via GOOGLE

Greenleaf health campus is a nice place to be especially when you need physical therapy done all the age and the nurses and the therapist are really great they took care of me pretty well here the food is good too as well if you need anything this is the place you should be at for your therapy That’s why I gave it 5 because everybody is awesome


My mother in law is well cared for at Greenleaf.

julie smith via GOOGLE

I’ve worked here for 7 years absolutely love it. Amazing staff who care about their residents. Great place to work

jennifer Bothun via GOOGLE

Great place to work!

Leticia Smit via GOOGLE

You can really tell the staff has a passion for the work that they do! Beautiful facility and amazing people! They treat our family like their own. Definitely recommend!

tom sutter via GOOGLE

My mother has been there twice and she said she got the greatest care and met some wonderful people. She said it was the best place that she could have ever been. The nursing staff was too notch and the food was superb.

Amanda Watson via GOOGLE

BEST NURSING HOME EVER! I said goodbye to my best friend & grandpa on December 24, 2019 because he was incoherent, not eating and couldn’t be touched without pain, fast forward to today, my grandpa is alive (93 in July) thriving & living his best life at his new home, Greenleaf. If it wasn’t for this place & ALL the staff, my grandpa wouldn’t be here today. That I will forever be grateful! The staff from, physically therapy who worked with him daily, the dietary staff for making sure if he did crave something always had it ready for him, to the nurses and aides to listened to me cry, hugged, listened to every concern and issue and addressed them, to the administrative staff who always made sure we were up to date on his progress and our next steps. These people go above and beyond for their residents, one time grandpa was walking outside and the sun was bright so his therapist gave him her sunglasses so he could see better, the director of the nursing home will go down and look at grandpas coloring pages he colored and spend time with him, grandpa spent a few days in the hospital in March, he came back to a dozen cards from nurses and staff that missed him while he was gone, it’s the little things that they do not just for my grandpa but for ALL their residents. They care & love their residents and even their families. This place saved my grandpas life & I couldn’t be more thankful for that, I will forever be grateful for them & all they do! If your looking for a perfect place for your loved one, look no further, Greenleaf is the BEST!

By Nancy via CARING

My husband is at Greenleaf Memory Center. So far, everything has been fine. He has only been there for a couple of days. The rooms are very nice. The layout of the place is fine. The staff members are very good. They all seem to be very nice and attentive to what the patients’ need. The place is very new too.

By ReviewerRD10122020g via CARING

My husband was turned down by Greenleaf. It was a nice place. I thought it was great. It was almost like where he’s at except the layout and the decorating, which was just the opposite. It was more warm and cozy. It wasn’t as modern in other words. The staff was very nice to me. I enjoyed the tour because I got to see a little bit more. I was surprised when I went over there because I was able to get in. I had an appointment, but I didn’t know I was going to get the tour. She gave me a tour that hour. I saw what the dining room looked like, but I think they were feeding people in their rooms at the time. They have activities and amenities. They seemed pretty good. I just don’t know why they turned me down unless they just didn’t have a room at that time or they didn’t want to put me on a waiting list. They led me on for two weeks or more saying that my husband was going to get in and it is just a matter of everything else getting in place, too. The staff member was pretty good about it, and she showed me quite a bit.

Diana Morales via GOOGLE

Everyone at Greenleaf have been very welcoming and kind! They truly care about the residents and put effort in caring for their needs, especially the activities department!

Maddie Olivarez via GOOGLE

Greenleaf is a wonderful place to be! The staff are always warm and welcoming and the life enrichment team do an AMAZING job ensuring the residents are having a great time! & You can also check in on you loved ones by checking out Greenleaf’s Facebook page. Great place to be!!!

Jill Stitt

Greenleaf has a staff that I feel really care about their residents. Their happiness, resident enrichment and it shows the way staff interact with residents that they care for their wellbeing.

Angaleana Smith via GOOGLE

Greenleaf is such a fun place to work! The atmosphere is cheerful and every one makes you feel like family. I always see the residents smiling and laughing. The life enrichment team does a wonderful job planning activities and events for the residents to participate in.

Jason Pluta via GOOGLE

Beautiful facilities that have been recently remodeled and “Amazing” staff. I would definitely trust the care of my loved ones at Greenleaf!

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