Creasy Springs Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Creasy Springs Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Creasy Springs Health Campus Reviews

Dustin “dtrain11” T via GOOGLE

Ashley Kubacki via GOOGLE

Paige is amazing always helpful


Visited with my daughter for possible home for my husband I had an appointment but had to wait for person to come back from lunch waited almost half hour off to a bad start Room was nice saw some people doing crafts mostly saw call lights on too long was the reason i didn’t choose

By Cheryl via CARING

My mom moved into Creasy Springs Health Campus. Everyone has been supportive to us, helping to get mom placed there. Every time I’m on the phone with my mom, someone is doing something helpful, caring to her, making her feel comfortable and welcomed. She’s made more friends there. Even with the restrictions with COVID, the staff has just done so many things to make things feel like home and comfortable. We’ve all been there at different stages, and we’ve gotten to know the staff. We believe her life was saved by being there. She started choking one day. We didn’t realize that she was having an issue with her throat. They got her right to the hospital, and they had to perform a procedure to clear the passageway. If she had still been home alone, she would have died. So they had a really quick response for knowing an emergency. She’s had all kinds of things there. She’s been very pleased with the medical staff, as well as just all the support and life enrichment people. I have eaten there, and I’ve gotten a response back from mom. That’s the only thing that needs some improvement. They do have a new chef, and he’s trying. Thankfully, she was in there before they kind of shut some things down. So those were wonderful when people came in and did different things. But even now, the staff is doing some great things for them. They have very high caliber staff and abilities.

By mimiBetty via CARING

I have friends who live there and love it. They always post pictures of fun events they are having. They always talk about how nice the staff is. I know that when I’m ready to downsize, that is where I am going.

Lance Johnson via GOOGLE

We had a small issue in the beginning but it was worked out with a follow up call. So far so good.

Sarah Dobson via GOOGLE

By Diana via CARING

We have my mother in Creasy Springs. We are very pleased with it. She has been adapting really well. I have really appreciated the care that they have given her. We have been very happy with it. There are constant activities going on. They take the residents on outings around the community to different places. My mother seems very pleased with the food too. Her room is spacious, it has all that she needs in there, and so we are happy with that too. They have an outdoor area. They will eventually plant some plants there.

Jami Spitznogle via GOOGLE

Betty Pierce via GOOGLE

I have friends who have lived at Creasy Springs for years and love it. They always share pictures on their Facebook of all the fun events they have. When I’m ready to downsize, that is where I am going.

Bradley Macklin via GOOGLE

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By Doug via CARING

My father is in Creasy Springs Health Campus. They take very good care of him. The food is very good. Medical attention, if needed, is available as well. We couldn’t be happier. The staff is very good. I have no problems. He has a studio. They have a variety depending on your care, but he’s in assisted living, so he’s got a small refrigerator and a desk area. He’s got a couple of things that probably depends on the level of care you may or may not get. They have games. I don’t know how often they play them, probably a couple of times a week. They’ve got outside areas available, they have dining areas inside as well, and there’s a common location for TV or whatever if they want. It’s all there. I would rate them a 5 based on dad’s happiness and what they do for us. I’m not there on a regularly, so I don’t know exactly how things go, but I think they treat dad OK. He likes the food. Because of Covid, they shut all the entrances. There’s only one open and that part is OK, but it makes for a long walk back to where dad’s at. It used to be more open, but Covid has changed it. I don’t know a whole lot about what they do or how they do it, but dad seems to be happy.

Donald Langkop via GOOGLE

Half the price and was nice

By Larry via CARING

My sister was at Creasy Springs Health Campus. The care was excellent. They communicated well. The facilities stayed clean. They were just caring staff and very professional. The maintenance was great. They did their best with what they had to work with when it comes to food. It was good, old, homecooked food. If she required a diet, they did that, but she wasn’t on anything special. She could eat whatever she wanted. She’s been in there a little while, so she worked from their assisted living program to their skilled program. It was a progressive type facility. They’re not the most expensive, but they’re towards the high side.

By Robert via CARING

My sister moved into Creasy Springs Health Campus. You can’t get in there and you can’t get out. I have no access. I have very little interaction with the staff. I just call my sister directly over the phone. Originally, she went in for physical therapy and from there we moved her directly into assisted living. She was entrenched in that atmosphere and she knew those people, and it just worked better rather than moving her all around. They’ve all been helpful and very accommodating. It’s very convenient for me if I need to go see her because it’s within my neighborhood and it’s very close to her old neighborhood. I take stuff to her and they deliver it to her. Her room is bright and cheery, and she likes it. Everything is just so different right now because of the confinement, so there’s not much interaction there with the other people. She likes the place though. From the care that she’s receiving, I’d rate the community a 5. They’re doing the best they can right now. The staff has always been good. Her daughters are paying for this and my sister has her own money, so I think they’re well satisfied with it.

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