St. Mary Healthcare Center: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At St. Mary Healthcare Center we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

St. Mary Healthcare Center Reviews

patty rowe via GOOGLE

Our Mom has been at St. Mary’s Healthcare Center in Lafayette,IN for almost 2 months. What a fantastic facility but the staff is even better! They strive to answer all the residents needs with alot of love and understanding. We couldn’t be more pleased with Mom’s care. The transition for her from being alone in an apartment with dementia to flourishing in a new environment while making new friends with the residents and staff is way above our expectations! Thanks St Mary’s from Joanne Van Winkle’s family!

By GeorgiaLC via CARING

My mother-in-law has been a resident of Legacy Lane at St. Mary Healthcare since 2013. She is very well taken care of and all the staff just loves her. It didn’t take her long to get adjusted because of the wonderful care she has been given. Except for dementia she is very healthy physically and we attribute that to the wonderful care she is given. She will be 91 in March. My husband spent the last year of his life at St. Mary’s. Until his death May 19, 2016, he and I were treated with respect. We were comforted and taken care of like family. Upon his death, our families were welcomed and treated with respect by everyone on the staff at St. Mary’s. I have and I will continue to recommend St. Mary Healthcare to anyone needing a wonderful, caring place for a loved one needing rehab or nursing care.

By Hoosier-Born Texas-Raised via CARING

We had looked at a number of places for mom when she was referred to St. Mary’s by the staff at St. Francis hospital. We could not have been any luckier because mom has had great care since her first day. With me living in Texas, trying to manage mom’s care living 1000 miles, I couldn’t be more pleased with mom’s care. Any time I have a concern they are more than happy to take my call and address my questions. Mom can be a challenge but the staff just let’s her rant and then go on with her daily care. They have my deepest thanks and gratitude.

By LizMc via CARING

Sept 2012: We admitted my mother to St. Mary’s Healthcare in her final weeks of life after she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Our family’s time in this facility was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Mom was treated with the utmost respect, dignity and superior health care. Every person in this facility including the Business Manager, Director, Marketing Director, Nurses and LPN’s are now considered family and were my angels from heaven. What my family noticed and raved about is everyone we encountered loves what they do. This wasn’t a place to just pick up a paycheck for them and actions definitely speak louder than words. Every one of them made a point to stop by the room or stop me in the halls to see how we were, give hugs and cry with us as they truly get close to every resident and family. They made my Mom feel comfortable and won her respect in the first 5 minutes she was there and that wasn’t an easy thing to do. The resident/staff ratio was great and allowed them to spend quality time with Mom. She never experienced bed sores. They were very proactive in her pain management and care and were in constant communication with her doctor when needed. I was there every day with visitors and other family members stopping by so the staff put together a daily tray of drinks, snacks and fruits for us. This facility seemed more like a hotel to me – the pictures on their website need to be updated as this facility has been renovated and is beautiful. The staff and I laughed about retiring there ourselves. The residents always seemed happy and active. I watched my mother, the person who raised me, pass away before my eyes of cancer. This was one of the hardest and most life changing events I’ve experienced but I can’t thank the staff and facilities at St. Mary Healthcare for making this an amazing experience of love and dignity.

Marissa Longoria via GOOGLE

Glenda Chastain via GOOGLE

Paul Sechrist via GOOGLE

Cricket via GOOGLE

Very careful of visitors. Screening for Covid before allowed to enter.We attended their Senior Executives Club and had an amazing breakfast free to members and also had an interesting speaker on Dementia. Definitely returning every month.

Elizabeth Maire Waters via GOOGLE

I am : Elizabeth Maire Waters if there were five more for this particular survey I would give them. I live here now I live here now and they have helped me through a lot in the year that I have been here both good and bad. But mostly good.

Nathan Snyder via GOOGLE

By Victoria via CARING

We’ve placed my mom at St. Mary Healthcare Center. She’s in skilled nursing and they’re doing a good job. They’re attentive and careful, and they allow her to be ornery. She’s been there for two weeks now. She’s a cook, so she’s pretty picky, but she says the food is good. I think, at least, they need more personnel. The staff has taken good care of her, though, and they’re friendly and knowledgeable. She’s not able to do any activities. She does physical therapy and that’s all. They have beautiful landscaping, the courtyard is beautiful, and it’s clean. They clean every day.

By melodystiak via CARING

I cannot compliment the staff and facility enough. The staff was always friendly, helpful, and genuinely caring. Best of all, the facility was always very clean.

Alex Molter via GOOGLE

Yong Li via GOOGLE

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