Ridgewood Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Ridgewood Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Ridgewood Health Campus Reviews

Patricia Bentle via GOOGLE

I can’t say enough about the facility, the food, the activities and the wonderful people who work with our mother at the Legacy building at Ridgewood. She feels loved, safe and secure in her new home. Thank you to all involved with her care.

By Jenny via CARING

The last time I was at RidgeWood Health Campus was to visit a friend. I was his guardian until he passed and he was in the regular nursing home part of the facility. When he was there, it was $12,000 a month. They had so many workers passing through constantly. They start there and then they quit so every day there’s a new person there that doesn’t know your loved one. It was hard trying to keep up with who was taking care of him and making the decisions on whether he needed a bath and that kind of stuff. They had a lot of patients, but they didn’t have enough staff to handle it. I was getting a lot of complaints about the food too but we lived close enough that we kept in contact and made sure he was eating well. They had a psychiatrist and a large staff of physicians whom the residents could meet with. They have nurses on the floor too. It seemed like they kept them occupied in the Legacy side, the memory side of it. In their assisted living part, the residents are walking around and they’re kind of on their own a lot. In the Legacy unit, they have to be able to walk around and keep busy so I think that changes the dynamic of the care center.

By T2 via CARING

Beautiful just built.

Cindymo1957 via GOOGLE

We have been very happy with the care and compassion at Ridgewood. My dad has been there for 3 1/2 yrs now. It was difficult to make the decision and we checked out many facilities and even had him in another facility that was very nice on the outside, but lacked the care he deserved. Ridgewood cares about their residents and they do the best they can to care for them. They become like family and their concern also extends to the family members. I would definitely recommend Ridgewood to anyone looking for short term care or rehab or long term care for a loved one!

Christine Glosser via GOOGLE

Amanda Bushman via GOOGLE

My mom is here for rehab, and we have nothing but great things to say. Staff is great, therapy is awesome, and the food is good. Room is very clean, and they have fun activities. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Leibrook via GOOGLE

By concerned daughter 4 via CARING

Everything is very clean, food is good and appropriate temperature when served. Most Aides and nurses are very compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, but if salaries were increased, I feel staff could be retained for longer tenures.

Pamela Rickett via GOOGLE

My Aunt was sent here for rehab. This an amazing facility. Its simply beautiful, and the staff is very caring and helpful. This was so much needed in this area. As a Social Worker in NFs, I would recommend this one to anyone..Very impressed.

Tonda Denton via GOOGLE

I have worked here for over 8 years. The best place to be for care.

Cathy Crone via GOOGLE

Ryan Giltner via GOOGLE

By Sherry4 via CARING

The nurses and staff go out of their way to see the residents feel that this is their home. They treat each resident with love and care. They are given the choice to go on fun outing and participate in creative activities.

Jeffrey J Eller via GOOGLE

We always enjoyed being at Ridgewood while visiting our mother. She was well cared for and enjoyed participating in planned activities. Her room was comfortable and quiet. The dinning room was cheerful and the food well-prepared and plentiful.The staff was consistent and caring. They offered support for resident’s family and we took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about dementia. Mom passed while at Ridgewood which was handled with diplomacy and tact. We miss our visits.

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