The Villages at Historic Silvercrest: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At The Villages at Historic Silvercrest we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

The Villages at Historic Silvercrest Reviews

D Foushee via GOOGLE

Amazing team and beautiful campus!

Donnie Poole via GOOGLE

Beautiful setting. I have had the pleasure of having a parent there for therapy. And also the privilege of being Santa on numerous times for their residents

Sonja Wiggins via GOOGLE

Great place to work. Great people to work with.

By Silvercrestfan812 via CARING

It’s a great facility, with a great staff. Good food, good entertainment and activities. My mom Cindy Elder worked here and was a resident for a while. She loved it. Highly recommended.

Megan Nicole via GOOGLE

This is such an amazing place to work! We have an amazing team that is always willing to help and go above and beyond our typical “job descriptions” we are more than just a team- but a family!

Chelsea Book via GOOGLE

I have been in my fair share of assisted care facilities and this one far exceeds any other. From the food, to the caring staff, and the visual appearance of the facility- overall very impressed. I would trust Silvercrest to care for any of my family members.

Donna Naville via GOOGLE

This is a great place to work. I enjoy taking care of the residents & families . I take it to heart to have a Servants Heart serving them the best possible way that I can.

Cyndi Morgan via GOOGLE

Great place to work.

By Diane via CARING

My mother-in-law got nursing care in The Villages at Historic Silvercrest. The rooms were very nice, and the place was very nice. They have a full table of activities, they have puzzles, games, and just probably everything you can imagine. There was a room full of stuff in it, there was a library, and they organize a lot of stuff to do. It used to be a hospital way back when, and then it was a children’s home. So it was a hospital, but they made it very nice. My mother-in-law was on a pureed diet, but overall the food was good. The community was beautiful, it was a very nice place, very homey, and comfortable. When she was there for physical therapy, she didn’t pay out-of-pocket very much.

Julie Brian via GOOGLE

By Pat via CARING

The Villages at Historic Silvercrest was very nice and very nicely kept. They had wonderful food, and the staff was very nice and very informative. It was a great place. The rooms were wonderful, nicely furnished, a nice size, and looked comfortable. The staff was very accommodating and truthful in answering any questions that we had. The food was very tasteful. Our dining experience was great. I really liked the facility. It was clean and neat and geared toward seniors.

Jacob Nunley via GOOGLE

Tracy Majot via GOOGLE

Michele Beauchamp via GOOGLE

By Valerie via CARING

The Villages at Historic Silvercrest were very well kept and it looked like a hotel. The staff was very helpful. The dining area looked good. They had linen tablecloths, real silverware, and glasses. It was like a restaurant, not a facility. They have bingo, activities like movie night, and they have someone come in and play the piano.

Mags Caulk via GOOGLE

Beautiful historic setting that was used as a TB hospital many, many years ago! The staff are wonderful for the most part- always a couple bad apples in every bunch, but 99.5% are very attentive and caring!

J Fekete via GOOGLE

This is an excellent facility. You feel like you are walking into a 5 star hotel. Staff is very friendly and call patients by name. They have good rehab. I have a family member recovering from a stroke that has been there for 3 weeks. It is clean, no nursing home smells. I highly recommend it.

By Reviewer#DT0902 via CARING

My wife is a resident of The Villages at Historic Silvercrest. The cleanliness and the staff make the place. The staff were friendly and caring, I haven’t met one who isn’t. It doesn’t feel like a nursing home. It doesn’t feel like all the nursing homes I’ve been in before. Their staff is top-notch, and the food is excellent. Their location is up in a wooded area. When you go outside for a stroll, it’s just pleasant surroundings. They have a beauty salon. My wife had her hair fixed down there, twice. There was a sitting area outside. You could go out there and have a barbecue.

Bret Stevens via GOOGLE

Jannette Byrne via GOOGLE

The staff is amazing. They are on top of things. Love the nurse practitioner! My husband here for rehabafter major surgery! They have been ever vigilant with his medical needs as well as his rehab

Charlie Glück via GOOGLE

Wonderful community and beautiful campus. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Donna Baker via GOOGLE

Jim Norris (The Ol’ Buckeye) via GOOGLE

The independent living villas are great

Sherry Clifford via GOOGLE

There is so many grea things I can say about this place. It’s a very beautiful building, the staff is friendly, the residents/patience look so happy and taken care of. This facility has serveral floors that are clean and doesn’t have the horrible smells like most nursing facilities. The Halls are not filled up with different sorts of nursing equipment. The nursing stations are small and not stuck out like a sore thumb. The staff are dressed in polos and khakis- instead of them hospital feeling scrab uniforms. The campus is smoke free. The food is amazing. The dinning room is amazing. Its set up in a restaurant style dinning. There are several servers that take your order and serve you. It’s like being in a fancy restaurant. There’s none of them ugly food trays setting around everywhere. Overall I would stay here as a resident without any questions ask.

Ariel Smith via GOOGLE

Silvercrest is a very warm, homey atmosphere that is nice for residents of many many categories. They offer lots of activities to surely our life back into our elders!The therapy staff is beyond the best.Very efficient and hard working people!!Environmental services keeps the building looking just like home! If you want a team of people who are passionate about your family, silvercrest is a great fit for your family!

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