Blair Ridge Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Blair Ridge Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Blair Ridge Health Campus Reviews

By nurse1386 via CARING

Staff is not perfect but great; they always work towards doing better and trying to accommodate anyone who walks through the door with a smile

By Karen via CARING

My mother moved into Blair Ridge. I found it on my own. My mom really likes it there, it’s nice and clean. The workers are very helpful, willing to help my mom. I have nothing bad to say about this place. My mom says the food is very good. If she doesn’t like something they’re having for dinner, they will give her something else. Truthfully, I’ve never actually been in there with the Covid, I’ve never been able to go actually back to the room, I’ve seen pictures and they’re very nice-looking rooms. They make cookies once a week, they have exercise in the morning, they have them sit down, and do crafts with them, things like that.

Connie Casale via GOOGLE

starr julian via GOOGLE

Amazing staff and they take care of the place and even better care to the residents and employees! ❤️

Emily Fisher via GOOGLE

By Debra via CARING

My mother lived at Blair Ridge in Peru for five years. It is excellent! The care was excellent! The people were so kind and the nursing staff was wonderful. I do not have a bad thing to say about it. The food was fine. They do not put any seasoning on the food, but the residents are offered all kinds of seasoning if they would like to add any. You get a calendar for the month and on it are activities being offered each day. It might be bingo or something else. They have all kinds of games. Before the Coronavirus came around, they took the residents to Clover’s or Walmart. They had outside barbeques, picnics and family days where they had bounce houses and all kinds of stuff for the little kids. They even have a putting range right there on the site, where you can play golf. They had a piano and they brought in musicians from the local area. They also had arts and crafts. They had ice cream available whenever they wanted it. They made popcorn about two or three times in the afternoons. It was excellent. Mike was the Director and overall you could always call him any time of the day if you have a problem.

Angel HBK Mercado via GOOGLE

Good nurses are ex phical therapy and awesome staff love you like family

By Sally via CARING

My mother-in-law is moving into an independent living facility at Blair Ridge Health Campus. It’s like a condo. They have six units and separate houses, and it’s very nice there. The residents were very active. It’s pretty big. The staff was very accommodating, nice, helpful, answered all our questions, and gave us a loaf of home baked bread from their kitchen, which was good. The dining area was very nice. They had a soft drink machine and coffee that they can get any time of day, plus a happy hour every Friday. Someone comes to play the piano and sing, and everybody seems to like it. They had a dining area and a private dining room that you can reserve if you have family coming. They had a library and common areas that had TVs in it. They hand out a menu and you could pick two or three entrees every day.

Heather Hammond via GOOGLE

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