Forest Springs Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Forest Springs Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Forest Springs Health Campus Reviews

Essayendeewhy via GOOGLE

Wonderful facility; kind, caring faculty.

Jennifer Alvarez via GOOGLE

Charlotte Allen via GOOGLE

Justin and team are amazing! Thank you for talking such good care of my aunt over the past three months!

Kathleen Korfhage via GOOGLE

My husband was there for a month of rehab after breaking his hip. The staff was wonderful.

Sharon Burckardt via GOOGLE

My Dad is currently a resident here, the staff have always gone above and beyond in their care. The facility is lovely, the food is very good. A happy Dad is a happy daughter.

Teewana Richardson via GOOGLE

Scott Wagner via GOOGLE

I love the food!

By Beverly109956850 via CARING

Forest Springs has four levels of care, it is brand new, the personnel are very nice, and we think we’re going to like it there. The food is good, and the staff is very friendly.

David Thomas via GOOGLE

Amazing place for family, food, and fun! Really the best campus in the area. Go check it out!

By Strong Woman via CARING

Forest Springs Health Campus is the nicest place I’ve seen. The staff is very personable, very nice, and wants to help you any way they can. The food is really good. They have housekeeping coming in twice a month, and the units are all updated and beautiful. We have different activities every day.

By Gerald via CARING

Forest Springs Health Campus was very nice, but they didn’t have independent houses. They have apartments or a triplex. The facilities were very nice. Even the eating facilities were wonderful. The rooms were great and the staff was wonderful. They treated me like a king. They had a wonderful facility for playing cards, bingo, pool tables, they go on trips, and they have people who come in to put on shows. I liked the place a lot. However, if I live here for three years, which is over $80,000, I will get nothing out of it other than a hotel room basically.

Melissa Larmour via GOOGLE

Awesome staff and care and services provided to individuals.

Samuel Ault via GOOGLE

This place is first class all around. Friendly knowledgeable staff, professional management, clean facilities, you name it! Thanks Forest Springs.

J Scherzer via GOOGLE

My mom fell and broke her hip 2 1/2 hours after my dad passed and she is at Forest Springs Health Campus. It is a beautiful facility and that is wonderful but the best part about Forest Springs is the staff there. There are different layers of staffing at these communities and from experience of being at different ones with my dad, Forest Springs is amazing. Every level of staff at this community is compassionate and caring. I never have heard, “Well I’m not taking care of her today,.” Instead, everyone pitches in. I’ve never seen such teamwork in action. I played the audio of Dad’s funeral service for my mom about a week after she was there. The staff brought in a beautiful vase of flowers for our “service” and put a “Please do not disturb” note on the door so that we wouldn’t be interrupted. Their caring touched our hearts. Also, the food is wonderful (they even have choices) and the activities are varied. I must stress that the best thing about Forest Springs is the staff. I know she’s in good hands, they call me about any changes, and schedule regular family meetings on her progress. Can’t imagine a better place for my mom to be!

Victor “Taco” Suarez via GOOGLE

Beautiful building, friendly, helpful staff

By Carol via CARING

I’m moving into Forest Springs Health Campus. It has independent living villas, individual houses, and one-bedroom units. They take care of all the things in the rent. The only thing you have to pay for is your phone. They do housekeeping twice a month. If you don’t feel like cooking in your kitchen, you can go to the cafeteria and get a home-cooked meal for $5. It’s really nice. There was a man walking with his dog. They have a clubhouse that you can have a party in with no charge except you have to reserve the place. They have a library and a beauty shop, and a lot of activities. I got in the mail an itinerary of what they have this month. They have people and doctors come in and give lectures, and they have merchants come in and sell their stuff. I only associated with one person, and she was very nice. They gave us a meal and it was very good. The facility was clean.

Justin Carwile via GOOGLE

Absolutely beautiful facility! Staff are amazing and the customer service is top notch!

Ted Mitchell via GOOGLE

My parents started in a villa which was a wonderful location for them. After my mom passed and then my dad had health issues he moved to the full time nursing care and is now in the assisted living area. Everywhere they have been on this campus has been wonderful. The level of care is fantastic and the people are great. He could not be happier. There is always something going on to keep them busy and entertained. I call daily and get updates on what he got to do during the day. We could not be happier with the location they chose and how things have progressed as the year has passed. A special thanks to all who work there!

Myciah Shead via GOOGLE

Brooklynn Lander via GOOGLE

This campus is beautiful and offers exceptional care to all of its residents! This campus deserves an A+!

James Collins via GOOGLE

Great place and company to work for


Forest Springs was very clean. The people were very helpful. I learned a lot about senior living, senior care, and rehab care. It was my very first experience with them since my wife was a patient there. I ate there three or four times and never had a complaint. I would highly recommend this place to anybody.

By Alex751845 via CARING

Forest Springs is a very nice campus, fantastic, and very clean. The staff are very professional and organized. The thing that I like about it is the location since it is close to my house. They have three levels of care and brand-new patio homes, which is what we chose for my father. You can transition from assisted to long-term care. They have great activities for the residents. It met all of our needs.

By Kelly via CARING

We liked Forest Springs Health Campus. Everything was topnotch. The staff was really nice and the residents we talked to all really liked the place. The apartments were well-done and well-detailed. We liked the meal plan for the people who are living in the independent living side.

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