Park Terrace Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Park Terrace Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Park Terrace Health Campus Reviews

Crystal Bell via GOOGLE

It’s not a “Park” it’s a bldg. Full of Doctor’s offices, more like a medical plaza. I love my Dr’s office everyone there are polite and friendly.(southwest family health center)

Heather Richey via GOOGLE

I honestly could write a book about this place on how great it is! Management , culinary, nursing, administration, and environmental services all will answer call lights !!! I can’t think of anywhere that does that. You honestly get treated with the dignity and respect you deserve as well as get great nursing care and rehab services. I work for this company and I’m a cheerleader for them because they honestly care about every person that comes to live there weather it’s short term or long term you become part of our Trilogy Family !

Pam Ritchey via GOOGLE

My dad recently was admitted . He said they treat him like a King with dignity and respect. Very nice and cozy

Jessica Dixon via GOOGLE

Susan Dougherty via GOOGLE

Both my parents are there and receive excellent cared ..Would recommend

Jordan O’Connell via GOOGLE

Susan Crider via GOOGLE

My Mom was a resident for rehab at Park Terrace in August. She had a great experience. The staff was caring and made her comfortable. The food was good and she liked the therapy she received there. She is doing much better thanks for the help.

Sierra Faulkner via GOOGLE

MiZz Undastood via GOOGLE

Frankie Story via GOOGLE

Bettye Lewis via GOOGLE

Constance Rose via GOOGLE

Exceptional, compassionate care. Staff was on top of everything. Clean rooms, amazing food. The rehab specialists, nurses, and case managers were so good with my Mom who was recovering from a hip fracture. We’re so grateful for their amazing care.

Patty Persun via GOOGLE

By Robert via CARING

My father has been in Park Terrace Health Campus for a couple of weeks now. So far, I’m happy with everything and it seems like a nice place. I’m not disappointed. He’s been in quarantine the whole time and he’s just coming out of quarantine today. Today’s the first time he’ll be out of his room. He’s just been stuck in his room since he’s been there. They had to put him in quarantine because he had never had a Covid shot. He hasn’t even got to do anything or meet any of the other people, which I think will help him when he’s around some other people his age. He’s been locked in his room and none of the other people except the staff could come in his room. He’s in skilled nursing. He’s in a private room and the accommodations are nice. The food seems pretty good. I’m always just there in the room with him, too, but they got the nurses that come around every couple of hours and check everything to make sure they’re OK. Everything seems pretty good. I wish to see him doing stuff. I see activities going on all the time, but I haven’t personally got involved or seen what they were doing. That’s part of the problem with him being on curfew, but I see that they have a lot of activities available.

By Nancy via CARING

Park Terrace Health Campus looked like a clean, well-organized, and comfortable place. They let me see the memory side care unit, which obviously is behind locked doors. The rooms would have two people. So basically, that was probably the main drawback for me; it’s like a hospital. The room is just like a hospital room. It has two beds in it with carpet. It’s probably the only thing that has turned me away from that a little bit; i don’t like the idea of another person in the room with my mom and not so much privacy. I know I’m not going to do a private room, but I would like to try to see if there are other places with enough rooms to do just one person. There’s a hallway that you can walk around, a sunroom, a living room type area with a TV and a bunch of chairs. It all looked nice. They have an activity schedule daily for the memory side, where they can keep the people engaged and busy if they like to be. The moment I was there, there wasn’t anybody doing any activities. It was well later in the day, but they showed me the calendar of activities through the day.

Debbie Mayhew via GOOGLE

Everyone was very nice!

By Linda via CARING

My mother-in-law spent some time in rehab at Park Terrace Health Campus for one week, and it was very helpful. The staff was excellent, and the food was fine. They did everything they could do.


My dad was a resident in the long term care facility from Feb 2016 until June 2016. The people at Park Terrace are a fine group of people.” I cant say enough good about them “My dad was not an easy person to take care of.” Dad was clean, shaved and showered like he was when he was able to take care of himself. The facility NEVER had the feel or the smell of a nursing home and looked more like a 5 star hotel. A big heartfelt thank you to all the ladies that took care of my dad until the time of his passing!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! The Donald Christian family.

David McIntosh via GOOGLE

I have never been to a rehab center before, so didn’t know exactly what to expect. I was there less than a day when I realized what a wonderful place Park Terrace Rehabilitation Center was to heal after surgery. To the person, I found the staff friendly and helpful, from the nursing staff, to the dietary department, to housekeeping. My room was kept neat and clean, nurses and other personal care givers were responsive to the call light, and each had the personal touch… The call light was answered by a person at the door instead of a microphone and speaker. The physical therapy facility is top notch, as are the physical and occupational therapists. Not once did I encounter anyone who was not friendly, caring, and compassionate. Yes, physical therapists tax your body to the limit, but without them, it’s doubtful that most of us would put the stresses on our surgically weakened bodies to effect a swift and complete healing. I can’t say enough good about Park Terrace Rehabilitation Center. If I ever need the services of a Rehab center again, I won’t hesitate to call upon Park Terrace to fulfill those needs.

By Linda80020750 via CARING

My aunt is at Park Terrace. They have a nice common area where they can sit and watch a big-screen TV. Their dining area is wonderful. The food is good. You go in nursing homes and the first thing that smacks you in the face is the urine. You do not smell that with Park Terrace. The staff is real good. They have some turnover, but there are 3 or 4 girls who take care of her. They do a phenomenal job. The cleanliness is wonderful. You very rarely ever see anything that needs to be mopped up or swept up. It’s taken care of pretty quick. They’re the best of everything.

Robin DeTalente via GOOGLE

By Pauline via CARING

Our experience with Park Terrace Health Campus has been great. The staff is outstanding, they take great care of my mother-in-law, and I can’t say enough about them. The food is not bad. I spoke to the higher ups because it seems they serve some stuff that the seniors have trouble eating. Like food that’s not easy for them to cut up, or hard for them to chew. The place itself is very clean.

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