The Willows at Howell: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At The Willows at Howell we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

The Willows at Howell Reviews


By Belle via CARING

I chose The Willows because of the care and the location. It’s in Howell, which is where my family is. It looks like the perfect place for Mom. The nurses and the staff are available at all times. They come to the room to get her to do activities. Everything’s great. They have a dining room, but they can also bring the meals to her room if she wants them to.

Jennifer Schopp via GOOGLE

Julie Miller via GOOGLE

Friendly staff and a company that values its employees! What a great combination!

Michele Burris via GOOGLE

I spent over 4 weeks at The Willows at Howell in rehab after an accident and leg surgery. The staff are caring and not only learn your name but get to know you. The facility is clean and has several nice amenities, including a hair salon. The food is very good and management takes turns serving in the dining room. PT and OT staff really work with you on achieving the results you need. There are activities everyday, even off-site. Family and friends are welcome anytime. I am very satisfied with the care I received.

brandontmaas via GOOGLE

I had the pleasure of touring this facility today. The campus is absolutely beautiful. All of the staff and residents were very pleasant, and seemed happy.

By Frank via CARING

My father is at The Willows at Howell now. So far, so good, and he is adjusting. He’s there for probably a few weeks now. I haven’t had any complaints. The rooms are private and nicely furnished. There aren’t any issues with the food. My father eats regularly, so it’s been good. They got crafts, daily events, and daily things to occupy themselves. The staff members are so far, so good. They respond to our requests as far as caring for my father. It’s a little bit on the pricey side, but there’s good value there. It’s a topnotch place.

Eric & Jackie DeVriendt via GOOGLE

The Facility The Facility is absolutely beautiful, from the grounds, to the layout, to the interior design. The location of The Willows at Howell was the best suited option to fit our needs. The decision was obvious. They offered a large private room, set up to handle all of my needs, with easy access to the rest of the facility that I would need, and the skilled staff to help me get there. The Staff The staff here at The Willows far exceeded our expectations! Every imaginable position was available to us from: admissions, to insurance help,to social work, to medical, to nursing, to nursing assistants, to housekeeping, to dietary food dining or in room service, to transportation, to activities director, to physical therapists, to occupational therapists, to hair cutting salon, to laundry services, to entertainment. The genuine sincere care that each staff member provides is phenominal and moving. It moved me to want to jump in and help where I could. The staff encouraged family and friend participation in my rehabilitation. They were encouraged to participate in meals, to health care, to activities. The Food The food was a tremendous blessing. It was definitely not institution food! The staff made sure that I was satisfied at each meal. I was given the opportunity to eat in my room or go to the dining room. It truly was fine dining. If I went away hungry, it was my own fault.. Food was available around the clock if I needed it. After a fine meal, I was able to go work it off, or sleep it off. Resort living at its finest. Physical Therapy I had a very positive experience in this portion of my rehabilitation, to prepare me to be ready to return home. Communication between the therapists and the doctor’s/nurse’s orders was prompt and professional, and I was brought into the therapy plan. Due to the many broken bones I had, this therapy could have been quite miserable. The therapists here at The Willows were able to make it very effective and enjoyable! Thank you therapy team!! They were even willing to do a home evaluation, to make sure my home was adequately suited for the remainder of my rehabilitation. Activities I was here primarily for rest and rehabilitation. However, as option to fill time management, many activities were offered. I opted to pass on some of the activities and this decision was supported by the caring staff. I was able to go to any one of the peaceful rooms around the premises, or back to my room, if I so desired. Once back in my room, it felt more like I was in a hotel room and room service was available at the push of a button! Conclusion In 2 short weeks, my healing and recovery process was far exceeding anyone’s expectations. I attribute that to the the healing power of the Lord and the professional rehabilitation package that the Willows at Howell provided me. I am now ready to head home for the rest of my rehabilitation. The staff here has been working hard to make sure I have everything I need, to make this a smooth transition. So far, it has been flawless. At this time, I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone here at The Willows at Howell. I am looking forward to returning for friendly visits with the staff and residents, I have gotten to know during my stay here. In my occupational career as a foodservice delivery driver, I have serviced numerous healthcare facilities. The Willows far exceeds any that I have serviced. Without any reservations, I highly recommend this facility. It gets my five star rating!!!!! Sincerely, Eric D.

By Janice via CARING

My husband will be in the memory care section at The Willows at Howell. I went there twice and took one of my daughters in. It’s very expensive, but they all are. They have large private rooms, and every one of them has windows that look onto a patio or trees. There are iron gates everywhere, so they can’t get anywhere. My husband is a wanderer, and they will have to watch for him and keep track of him always, which I cannot do. I’ve talked with the staff several times on the phone and they have a very high rating if you Google it. I read all of the personal comments, and there were no negatives. The staff is congenial, wise, quick, and sympathetic. They couldn’t have been more helpful. As I walked through the hallways, the one that was conducting the tour would stop and talk to another nurse (or whatever their capacity was) and would tell you about this and that. The rooms were roomy. My daughter and I were both very impressed with it. The place was absolutely beautiful.

Judy English via GOOGLE

I was a recent patient at The Willows for a fractured pelvis. The nurses and aides are very professional and caring. Also, the physical therapy specialists are awesome and really get good results.

Roseanne Gyhra via GOOGLE

My mother has lived at the Willows for 2 years now. She loves it there. Time and time again she tells of how caring the staff is. They are a very compassionate group! The facility is immaculate.

HCP5 Beltone via GOOGLE

We love how friendly the staff is at The Willows. Our hearing center services many residents at The Willows and we enjoy making home visits there.

Lori Holland via GOOGLE

By Maggie via CARING

A couple of years ago, I was at The Willows at Howell for a couple of weeks. Then I was there for two weeks this summer, and then this last time I was there for 10 days. It’s like a homey feeling the way they have it. It fitted out everything. It’s not white and stark like the other facility. It’s very homey the way they have it fixed up. I have no complaints at all. They have quite a bit of activities. They have an exercise program, bingo, and music. Once a week, they have somebody come in with the music. Of course, with COVID, they were a little limited. The food was good. You certainly get what you’re paying for.

Jacqueline Schacht via GOOGLE

Sandra Penhollow via GOOGLE

By Pam via CARING

My husband is in The Willows at Howell memory care unit. They just opened and he’s only been there 3 weeks. The care is good and they seem to care a lot. The only part I don’t like is Covid stuff because I can’t go see him, which nobody has control over, but I could wave to the window. Besides his care, I think he’s doing fine, he’s got dementia so you’ll never know for sure what he’s thinking, and he can still recognize me and my son. They call me with the updates, they keep me informed for what’s going on and I like that they call me at least once or twice a week and I get updates every day as far as the Covid stuff goes. It’s okay, and as far as I know it’s clean. I haven’t been inside the building much in his room or anything so I can’t really make a judgement. The visitation is a big deal with my family, but that’s out of their control and out of my control. I can’t help that, so it is what it is. The staff is good and they’ve been the most helpful.

Donna Janke via GOOGLE

Thank you to everyone who cared for my Father. Staff was amazing. Excellent, compassionate care for both Dad and our family. Great food. Smiling faces. Clean facility. Prompt response to call button.

By Judy886583 via CARING

The Willows was a brand-new and very nice facility. However, when I did take a tour of it with a friend of mine who’s looking seriously at that time, I didn’t care for it at all because of the fact that the rooms were sort of like hospital rooms. The people were excellent and the facility was beautiful since everything was nice and new, and on one floor. They had a lot of activities for people, and separate kitchen areas. In the room, you can had a bed, a television, a small refrigerator, and a sink, but it’s not set up as an apartment. It’s was set up the way a hospital room would be with a refrigerator and no stove or anything. They have a nice eating area and everything. The staff was wonderful. They had senior citizens come in once a month and serve them lunch, but they don’t charge anything for it. I know that they’re given a certain amount to help, but they put on a nice meal and the people really like that. It’s not something that I’m interested in, but the people who were there were really nice and the residents seemed very happy. They had a little library and different things, and it was really neat that they had named the hallways after different people in Howell. And, of course, now that I’m a senior of Howell myself, I know of a lot of the people who the hallways were named after. It’s a very nice place and easy to get to.

James Kashinsky via GOOGLE

Michelle Nowak via GOOGLE

Brenda Bennett via GOOGLE

The willows of Howell is by far the best home for anyone. Nurses and aids are outstanding ! Best food service i have ever experienced. I give it a 6 star rating because everyone there goes the extra mile

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