The Willows at Bellevue: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At The Willows at Bellevue we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

The Willows at Bellevue Reviews

By Pam via CARING

My parents will be moving into The Willows at Bellevue. The apartment we chose is very nice and like a condo. Everything’s handicap-accessible and has a nice living area. They have daily activities and visiting churches, an exercise room, and a library. They have a lot of things that my mom really cares about. The staff seems very nice and explained everything very well. The facilities are very nice, elegant, tastefully decorated, and very easy for seniors to get around in. We were very impressed.

Kayla Andres via GOOGLE

holly mckenzie via GOOGLE

Took great care of my grandma in her passing time♡

Wendy Weinheimer via GOOGLE

Both my mother and father have stayed here for rehabilitation services. Both of my parents were very happy with their care. Everyone is very friendly and is ALWAYS there if you have a question. This facility is efficient and competent in their scope of practice. Not to mention, their food, is amazing! I would really recommend anyone’s loved one to this amazing place!!

Stacey Shumway via GOOGLE

They took wonderful care of both my grandparents ♥️

Melody Barger via GOOGLE

I enjoy working at The Willows!! I love the Residents and I enjoy working with all the other employees. I have been here since it opened and we are approaching our 10 year anniversary! They take very good care of the Residents.

Patricia Meisler via GOOGLE

Jamie Summers via GOOGLE

By Nancy17762350 via CARING

My husband and I lived at The Willows at Bellevue, and we chose it because we lived in this area. We also looked at other facilities, but this place gave us what we wanted for the price that we could afford. We were all acquianted with the other villas in the neighborhood. The villa was smaller than our previous place, but I was pleased, and our children also thought it was a good place. The rooms were very nice, although smaller than the house, but I accepted that fact. We had two full baths, and both were available for use with wheelchairs, since they were low enough. They cleaned the villa once a week. If anything went wrong, we called them, and it was up to them to fix it. They had a bell-call system: if you needed somebody, you just pushed the bell and they came right away. We had our breakfast at the lodge or the community room, and sometimes the food for breakfast was better than the others. It was the only meal we had there, and the other two meals, we did ourselves. They provided hot breakfast about twice a week. Other times, we had big bowls of fruits, rolls, juice, milk, cereals, toast, hot meals. Sometimes there was bacon and sausages. We had bingo, trips once a month, etc. We had had an exercise room connected to the clubhouse. It had exercise equipment and a couple of bathrooms. It was very easy to get into. Our television, phone, and computer were provided by a company. We paid the bills ourselves; this was the only bill we paid except for the monthly rent. Everything was provided for us here; we didn’t have to do anything outside at all. I would definitely recommend this facility.

Gary Borley via GOOGLE

Eshton j (That’s so amazing!!) via GOOGLE

Dawn C. via YELP

Have had a family member and loved ones rehab here and all of them have had positive experiences. The facility appears well managed, staffed and clean. They allow visiting family members to dine with their loved ones for a mere $5 a meal. They have plenty of visiting spaces and activities outside of the rooms and a hair dresser that will do patients hair. The downside is it may take awhile to get assistance after sending a nurse alarm and if you would like to stay the night in a loved ones room you will spend the night sleeping on a tiny love seat, this is impossible of course unless you are a little person. All in all this place does a great job helping their patients to rehab and they are gracious to the family/loved ones of their patients.

Callie Ward via GOOGLE

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