Triple Creek Retirement Community: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Triple Creek Retirement Community we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Triple Creek Retirement Community Reviews

By William via CARING

We are currently at Triple Creek Retirement Community. It’s not all in one big building like the other ones. The facility was like a duplex with garages. I didn’t like the sound of the expressway, so they’ve offered to completely redo one room on the other side of the street, which is much, much quieter and acceptable to us. One of the reasons we’re staying here was that they have been helpful about almost everything I’ve asked. We have a lady that comes in and cleans in here. She’s exceptional and very congenial. If you have any kind of problem, we have a person you could go to, and she’s right across the road from us. She immediately takes care of any problem. They’ve got good people in this place. The food was satisfactory to me. They have little events going on all the time. They bring around a calendar that lists activities time of the day and if it’s for men or women. They have bingo, a place to read books, and a workout room.

Alecia Booth via GOOGLE

Triple Creek is such a great place to work! Trilogy standards are set higher than others and it shows through customer service and expectations. The campus is always clean and well maintained. I would recommend Triple Creek to anyone for a great place to work or live!

By J.M. via CARING

We found Triple Creek Retirement Community for my parents. It’s great, they love it, everybody’s friendly, they’ve made a lot of friends, they do as many activities as they can, and everybody’s been real helpful. They have a villa, they have an exercise room available, they have a salon, there’s an exercise room in the clubhouse, and they have bible studies there. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. There were a couple of maintenance things that needed to be done and they were done very quickly.

By sweetcincy via CARING

my mom in law was at triple creek facility 3 different times. all 3 times we were very happy with the caring attitude, compassion of all employees that we met. our 88 year old mom enjoyed her time there & even told us to save her a spot so when she comes back she has it. our mom has alztimers & lives with us, but, after hospital stays she would go to triple creek to live, & receive p.t., o.t., speech therapy. all staff, office & aides, nurses, cooks, activities, all.. :) were A++++. we were up there almost everyday, and never felt our mom wasn’t cared for. we felt so good leaving our mom there, as we would be able to rest knowing the care & cleanliness, great food-dinning, overall care of her at triple creek. they even have a monthly family dinner which was GREAT…and we all were able to enjoy being with mom/grandma. also, I want to mention activities were alway fun & the ladies would make sure our mom would be at her favorites, even coming to get her from her room/area if she wasn’t there. office staff/ jeffery & tanya + fantastic, helpful. thank you all triple creek, as our mom has passed recently, when we drive past your facility we always comment how GREAT/wonderful you all were…and continue to recommend to all. :)

Brittany Gross via GOOGLE

My grandma went to Triple Creek for rehab after she fell and broke her ankle. I got to know the staff well and my grandma made so many friends in such a short time. Triple Creek made me change my mind about what a retirement community can offer so much that I actually wanted to be a part of the good they were doing for our seniors and our community. Now I’m proud to be employed by a company that reminds us every day to have servants heart!

By Anita via CARING

Triple Creek Retirement Community was excellent. I like them so much because the homes were like little cottages with their own garages and own patio. The staff was very kind, very generous, and very helpful, gave me a package with all the information and where everything is located. They had a gym, a restaurant, and transportation. They had retirement living, assisted living, and nursing home facilities. It’s near a mall and it’s very close to Colerain Township.

Darlene Wilson via GOOGLE

Loved when I worked here!!

By Kevin via CARING

Triple Creek Retirement Community is a nice place, but it is too far away. The prices are substantially more expensive than the other place we saw. It is less than 10 years old and state of the art. The people were friendly. The rooms were clean.

Wayne palmer via GOOGLE

larry johnson via GOOGLE

Penny Fischer via GOOGLE

My husband was a resident at Triple Creek in rehab for 3 months. We can’t say enough wonderful things about his stay. The staff is absolutely amazing. The Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists are phenomenal! When my husband was admitted he couldn’t walk, roll over or sit up. When he was discharged he was transferring, walking with a walker, and everything he needed to do to go home. Once he was home they continued his therapy there and he is now going to Triple Creek for outpatient therapy. We both will never be able to thank Linda, Stephanie, Ann, Kelsie, and Katie enough! They made a life changing impact on Bunny’s life and mine! I’d also like to commend all the staff at Triple Creek from cleaning crew , nursing staff and nursing aids, dining staff, and activities department. We both highly recommend Triple Creek Retirement Community. They really do care!SincerelyBunny & Penny Fischer

Rebecca Lawson via GOOGLE

My grandma love it here! She has flourished so much. She used to sit and watch TV all the time, now she does bingo, art projects and has people to keep her company through the day. I love all of the events they host for family members and the food is delicious. The nurses and staff are really sweet whenever I go to visit (especially Sarah). You can tell they are passionate about what they do and they care about the people living there!

Karen Ruff via GOOGLE

Triple Creek has renewed my faith in facilities that provide care for those who need it. The standards Trilogy (parent company) has are impressive. The staff is AWESOME, the food is AMAZING, the facility is UBER CLEAN. The decor inside and out, is something you would find a magazine.Therapy is just starting so can’t honestly speak to it it just yet but I have high expectations just based on the assessments.While I wish nothing more than my loved one was at home with me, I know that’s not possible, right now. I am able to work and do function outside my visiting time, knowing with full confidence, he is getting great care. After less than 2 weeks, you can tell there is a “family” feeling for the staff and the residents. My children and I are blessed to be a part of the Triple Creek family.Is it perfect? No – but no where will be. I’m a realist like that !!I had a concern, I called to address it. They THANKED me for calling to let them know what works best. I was even encouraged to make a list of things staff should know – that open door policy is the reason you shouldn’t look any farther for where you go to get care for your loved one.

Tabitha Hogel via GOOGLE

I currently work in life enrichment. It’s by far one of the best facilities I have been in. Between our wonderful residents and staff.. this definitely feels like home…

Jeff Henke via GOOGLE

A very sociable, happy, pleasant place with great food and an excellent chef! Here is my therapy dog Abigail, who visits regularly!

Sarah Rhodes via GOOGLE

I absolutely love working here. I have been a part of the marketing/admissions team for almost 4 years now. I’ve had the opportunity to tour many other communities and no one compares!No place is perfect, obviously, but we have a great team of employees that care about the residents and make the campus a great place to live, work & visit.

kendu brown via GOOGLE

Carly DeBruler via GOOGLE

Triple Creek is an amazing place to work at and reside in! Trilogy goes above and beyond for both their staff and residents. Trilogy is a company that loves to reward their employees through fun events, multiple pay raises, endless recognition, and opportunities for growth. Residents at Triple Creek benefit from this because since staff is well taken care of, they enjoy working there.Residents are of course the first priority, so it is important that they are fully satisfied with their care and experience. With the resources that are offered, residents have a voice and can suggest certain things like ideas for activities or other areas of interest.Each department at Triple Creek truthfully works together to maintain the best environment possible for everyone involved! The cleanliness of this facility is outstanding. The rooms and hallways are extremely well kept and the food is also phenomenal, which can sometimes be rare in long-term care settings.I would recommend Triple Creek Retirement Community to anyone looking for a place to live or a place to work!

Abirra Nartel

Triple Creek is a fantastic area to live. Residents at Triple Creek benefit from the staff’s pleasure with their job since the staff enjoys working there because they are well cared for. Residents are, of course, the top priority, so it’s critical that they’re completely happy with their treatment and experience. Residents have a voice and can recommend things like activities or other areas of interest using the resources available. Triple Creek’s departments truly collaborate to provide the greatest environment possible for everyone involved! My father misses everyone here after transferring to a few years ago, but he remembers the pleasure and joy the community provided him.


Triple Creek Retirement Community was very nice, and I really like it. It would be my first choice if I were to go to a place because the price was a lot better. It is also in the general area where we are living now, and we would still be close to our churches, doctors, and everything. I had a nice tour, they were ready for me, and they weren’t pushy or anything. The staff showed me the individual independent homes. Those were very nice, and they even had a garage. The one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms were the same price. I thought that was interesting because they had a little extra room with the one-bedroom that could have been like an office or something. I got to see a room in the memory care wing. It was fine, and it was like a little hospital room. I met one of the residents who was obviously having memory problems, and he was very pleasant. The staff talked with him, and apparently he knew her, so that was nice that she was getting around and meeting people. The only thing I didn’t like is that, if you live in the village homes (the separate independent units) there was a pretty long walk up to the clubhouse where you would get meals. Meals were not included in the price. They were $5 each meal, but you didn’t have to eat at all, and you can cook at home.

Pat Lopina via GOOGLE

My mom lived in Assisted Living at Triple Creek Retirement Community for four years, until she passed away a month ago. I think the best review I could leave is what I shared at my mom’s memorial service as I publicly thanked the Triple Creek staff:I am so grateful to you, her Triple Creek family. It meant so much to me that you didn’t just come to work to do a job. It is so much more than a job. It is a calling, a giving of yourself each and every day. Physically and emotionally, it is draining and difficult. But you each did it with grace and compassion and commitment. You knew her likes and dislikes, you laughed at her jokes, you put up with her orneriness. You genuinely loved my mom, and you knew how to make her feel special. And she in turn loved you. She would frequently tell me how well-cared for she felt and tell me about the interactions she had with you. In her final days, you came to say goodbye to her, supported my family and me, told us stories about mom that touched our hearts, wept with us at herpassing.It seems that most facilities these days are short-staffed. That was a source of frustration at times. But my above tribute reflects how so many of the staff at Triple Creek went above and beyond in an effort to make up for the shortages they often faced.

Erin Cummins via GOOGLE

When I came out to tour my mom and I found the facilities to be really clean, the staff very friendly (not just the sales department). As we walked through, people acknowledged my mom and I and the two sales girls we met and spoke with in the facility were knowledgeable, accommodating and kind. After walking through the facility, my mother and I agreed this would be a good place for her to receive care until she was able to get back home. She has already met a friend! My family and I are so thrilled and moving Mom there has helped with the guilt we felt moving into a facility. Thank you Triple Creek!

Jackie Lawson via GOOGLE

My mom is kept busy and all the aides, nurses, activity personnel and nutritional staff are very pleasant and willing to help. They know all the residents by name and I always see a smile on everyones’ faces. Sarah Thorton & Georgina Appleton are two great additions to the Triple Creek family.

Gary Middleton via GOOGLE

My girlfriend is here.. Staff is great

Brenda Pierce via GOOGLE

Very clean facilities and friendly staff.

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