Hearts & Hands Volunteer Program

At Trilogy, we believe that a servant’s heart is the key to success. With this in mind, the value that volunteers bring to our community cannot be overstated. When you volunteer with us, you’re doing more than just lending a helping hand; you’re reminding someone that they’re cared for, you’re listening to their story, and you’re using what makes yourself unique to brighten their day.


Volunteer Today

We welcome all members of our community to come share their talents with us – whatever those might be. Whether you’re reading off the winning bingo numbers or harmonizing during a choir practice, your voice will be appreciated by everyone who hears it. When you spend time with our family, our residents will immediately recognize you as a part of it – and so will we.

Share your knowledge and lead one of our Lifelong Learning classes. Plant flowers in our garden and watch them grow with us. However you choose to serve, we’ll be happy to have you here.

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